About Us

In the year 2008, an American based Ugandan Missionary by the names of Sarah K Davis founded Ambassadors Rescue Ministries out of her life experience in response to the different factors affecting the African continent, Uganda in particular. Uganda has an alarming number of orphans which is above 2 millions, caused by HIV/AIDs, the past civil wars, poor standards of living leading to poor health care and so many other factors. She founded ARMs to serve as a pivotal point in bridging the social and economical gap within rural communities using participatory methodologies. ARMs is affiliated to Faith Community Churches International AZ, USA. For the past years, - ARMs has communicated the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, ministered and supported churches in the rural areas of Uganda, - it has helped in fighting poverty by establishing different income generating activities to benefit the communities e.g crop farming, live stock farming, etc. - It has established a scholarship program that educates orphans and children from extremely poor families in addition to that it has also established a centre for vocational training that will enable people to acquire life skills for better living. ARMs has also directed alot of effort on the young generation because they are the leaders of tomorrow, it has designed programs that mentor these young people into God fearing and responsible citizens, e.g Bible studies, Saturday porridge programs, bible games, etc. ARMs has established its head quarters in Bujuuko Mpigi district of Uganda, it bases here to reach out to the communities around. In addition to the staff, ARMs has different volunteers that work hand in hand to see to it that every objective is fulfilled.


  • To influence positive change and determine a new course of development within disadvantaged communities manifested through the application of biblical principles.

  • To serve as a focal point for children, youth and women development concerns in attempt to promote and safe guard all interest of activities intended for their long term social, spiritual and economic independence.

    • To transmit and communicate the gospel to the public, through church planting and crusades.
    • To ensure continued networking and sustainable dialogue development agencies in fighting poverty and ignorance.
    • To provide information and knowledge for the propagation of multi-discipliary skills able to change community attitudes towards self confidence and employment.
    • To provide specific HIV/AIDS intervention methods and information in order to eradicate increasing rates of infection and effects on rural society.
    • To encourage, promote and support the involvement of all organisation stakeholders in attaining the above expected output.